We now make our own Eco-friendly wet wipes!

We are proud to announce that we are now making our own eco-friendly baby wipes rather than using shop bought ones. Did you know, as well as coming in plastic packaging, 90% of wet wipes themselves contain some form of plastic, according to a recent BBC programme? This means wet wipes are generally non-biodegradable and so should never enter our water systems or go to landfill as they will take hundreds of years to breakdown and disappear. Also did you know, 93% of sewer pipe blockages in the UK are caused by baby wipes?

As well as trying to reduce the amount of one-use plastic that we use, shop bought wet wipes also contain a number of irritants and chemicals which can aggravate delicate skin, so they aren’t ideal for nappy changing and face/hand wiping. Our handmade wet wipes are made using pure Aloe Vera, pure Witch Hazel extract and Liquid Castile soap which is much kinder to the skin. So, it’s a win, win all round!!

If you would like some more information on how we make your own eco-friendly wet wipes please just ask us, and then you can smile, knowing you’re not damaging the environment and that you’re being kinder to your skin.