Food and Mealtimes

We take great care to provide children with nutritious and wholesome food. Each nursery has its own kitchen and cook to make sure our children receive fresh cooked food daily that has been created on site. Our menus work on a three week rotation, providing children with a variety of healthy, balanced and home-cooked meals to ensure their energy levels remain constant and that the nutritional demands of their growth are met. Naturally we do cater for all individual dietary needs.

At mealtimes in the rooms we:

Pre-school – encourage as much independence as possible at this stage in terms of using their knives and forks to cut their own food, pouring themselves drinks and helping with clearing the table where possible. We see mealtimes as an important opportunity for social interaction and a tool for building confidence and independence.

Toddlers - teach children the the importance of washing their hands before lunch, let them practice using their knife and fork and try and encourage them to sample new food combinations and tastes, whilst also enjoying freely interacting with their peers.

Babies - as far as possible the babies will eat the same as the older children and staff will blend the food accordingly depending on where the children are at with the various stages of weaning.  They will have their food whilst interacting with one another and enjoying new tastes and textures.

Please note: let us know during the Induction whether your child has any allergies, and please at any time ask if you would like to know more about what goes into the food we produce.