Our Planet is Precious

Being an environmentally friendly nursery we feel is important to help our children and future generations. Here are some of the key things that we do to look after our planet:

Make our own wet wipes - we are proud to have been making our own eco-friendly baby wipes for the last couple of years, rather than using shop bought ones. Did you know 90% of wet wipes themselves contain some form of plastic, making them generally non-biodegradable – to find out more how you can make them click here.

Grow our own vegetables and flowers – we have allotments and potting sheds at both nurseries, so as well as producing our own organic food for the children to try, we can teach children where certain foods come from and grow things which can be used in activities within the nursery.

Recycle – as well as recycling food waste, cans, bottles etc., we also recycle old egg boxes to grow seedlings, we make old t-shirts into painting aprons for the children, and make wellington boots into planters.

Upcycle – creatively reusing useless, or unwanted products is a great way to help the environment and reduce waste. We have created mud kitchens at both nurseries, using old sinks, made old clothes/curtains/ material into dressing up clothes for the children (yes, we have our very own Maria Von Trapp at the nursery!) and our most recent project was to buy an old boat to deck out and repaint to make into a new playhouse in the garden.

Reduce the use of plastic - we limit the amount of plastic toys that we use at the nursery by playing with natural objects and collect things from the garden and the natural environment to play with.

Save Energy – at both nurseries we have solar panels which provide electricity for us during the working day and then at the weekends/ evenings they feed the grid for everyone else to use. Also, our new building at Woodlands has energy saving lights which turn off by themselves when you leave the room.